Unearthed – Evidence of the First People of Marquette County

Unearthed: Evidence of the first people of Marquette County was written during the development of an exhibit at the Montello Museum that displayed artifacts as old 12,000 years that were used by the very first people to live on the land that is now Marquette County, Wisconsin. At one time there were over 800 conical and effigy mounds around Buffalo Lake built by Archaic and mostly Woodland Indians.

Book: UnearthedThis book is an intended read for a broad range of people who want easy-to-understand information about the people who lived in this area of Wisconsin before the first European explorers, hunters, trappers and settlers moved in. It is the goal of this book to make these ancient people more real to us today by connecting place today to lives of the people of long ago.

Cost: $20 with all proceeds going to the Montello Historic Preservation Society. That includes shipping and handling. May be ordered from Kathleen McGwin.

Download an excerpt from the book.