Sadie – The Least of These

About “Sadie – The Least of These”

Sadie - The Least of These written by Kathleen McGwinThere are thousands and thousands of Nurses’ Aides working in Nursing Homes across America. They labor for low pay, work long hours, and have what most people consider one of the least desirable jobs in our country. They need a hero. “Sadie, the Least of These” gives them one.

Healthcare and the graying of America are major stories every night in the news. Nursing homes continue to be criticized and how many people really know what goes on inside of these health care institutions? How many people really know how good aides struggle against management that is bottom line oriented, co-workers who don’t care and a complex network of social ills?

Sadie, recently divorced, re-enters the work force, gets a job at Park View and looks forward to helping elderly people. Soon she is witness to circumstances that jeopardize the safety of the residents, but who is she to change a long time system of overlooking the work of the bully of the third shift? And to make matters worse, her estranged son is dating his daughter. Sadie has always taken a back seat to others. She has always kept her mouth shut and kept out of sight. Can she stand up to the bureaucracy and the bully? Can she at least make life better for those who are forgotten in Park View?

Anyone who has a relative in a nursing home as well as anyone who has or does work in the healthcare arena will recognize and relate to events and people in this book. The head nurse who cares, but wouldn’t believe what happens on third shift. The aide who just wants to do her job and go home. The administrator who wants to play golf. The aide who falsifies charting. And Sadie who struggles to know if what she sees is just the way it is or if it is something she has the strength to change.

As a licensed nursing home administrator with over 27 years experience in long term care working at many different jobs, I know what goes on inside a nursing home. I know the good people who get caught up in looking the other way and I know the complexities of a system that creates villains and angels. And I know that ordinary people do extraordinary things every day for other people inside the walls of a nursing home.

I also know that the great majority of people want to do what is right, but need reminders that taking care of other people is important and that the ones who do it in a caring and loving way are the people who make a difference in the world. It’s time for a front-line, entry level worker to have a little glory.

“Sadie – The Least of These” is just $18.00 which includes tax, shipping and handling.

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