Carlotta Perry

At Last

Into her life a brightness, sweet and swift,
Shone with a glad surprise;
Proudly to meet the longed-for royal gift,
She lifted happy eyes.

She saw the light of such a glorious morn,
As never dawned before;
Her heart, to welcome in the strange new dawn,
Flung open wide its door.

The blessed light her weakened spirit through
Thrills of great rapture sent;
For she had walked in shadowy ways, and knew
Full well what darkness meant;

And, as of old, a statue thrilled with song
At rising of the sun,
She felt that in her heart, voiceless so long,
Life’s music had begun.

She heard rare melodies around her roll,
Tender and sweet, as when
The stars of morning sang, and from her soul
Uprose the glad amen.

One little day she walked in perfect light,
And wore it like a crown;
One little day she sang her songs, then night
Sudden and swift came down –

Came down and closed about her like a pall,
And shut out all the day;
Shut out the light, the warmth, the bloom, and all
That made life glad and gay.

And, as of old, at setting of the sun,
On the cold lips of stone
Joy turned to grief, so when her day was done,
She made her bitter moan.

The gloom and darkness all her being through
Pangs of dumb anguish sent;
And darkness was the darker, since she knew
At last, what sunshine meant.

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