Marquette County Tamaracks

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Marquette County Tamaracks

Across Comstock Bog on Highway 22 north of Montello, I pointed the lens of my camera at the gold that was the turning of October Tamaracks.  Tamaracks can be seen throughout Marquette County. They are one of three species of larch, larix larcina, that is the most northern growing of the pretty, delicate looking trees. 

In spring they make a yellowish green, chartreuse border along the horizon.  Summer turns the light green to rich forest green and the trees now look like their brethren conifers, but still retain a lightness of branch and softness of needle.  It is the only conifer to drop its needles like a deciduous maple or beech, making it part of a bare winter landscape waiting to bloom again in spring.  In fall it bejewels itself in topaz and gold becoming part of the riot of landscape color before dropping its needles. Find one close to the road or walk to one across a spring landscape and you’ll see that the tiny needles grow in spiral sprays and are soft to the touch.

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