Here come FOSSILS

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Here come FOSSILS

Hello everyone.  Betty, Blanche and Beulah will be with you this Friday to help you learn about the ICE AGE and FOSSILS.  Yes, Marquette County was once under a glacier and also under a sea.  You can find evidence of that all around us in Marquette County including fossils!

Here is some of what we’ll learn:

What does a PALEONTOLOGIST do?









How are fossils formed?






Learn to identify some fossils








Bag and label a fossil you can take home with you.







Remember what you learned last month with Betty, Blanche and Beulah?

The owls of Marquette County.  We opened owl pellets to see what the owl ate.








And we made snowy owls.








And we learned the owl calls.

owls you will see in marquette county

See you Friday to learn about more cool things about MARQUETTE COUNTY!







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