Meet Betty, Blanche and Beulah

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Meet Betty, Blanche and Beulah

Hello!   We hope you are having a good school year.

This week Friday will be our first Betty, Blanche and Beulah Love Marquette County adventure.

Below are Betty, Blanche and Beulah.   They won’t be with us on Friday because we will be gone

for the whole day!




In the morning, we’ll be visiting the Pioneer Days encampment in Westfield.  You’ll be breaking

up into groups and touring and learning about what life was like many years ago.





















Then, we’ll eat lunch at the Marquette County Fairgrounds.

After lunch, we’ll go to the Marquette County Historical Society where you will also learn

about the history of Marquette County.







See the old farm equipment.










I can’t wait until Friday!   See you then, Kathleen

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