Turtles are terrific

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Turtles are terrific

Betty, Blanche and Beulah loved our time with you last Friday.  Here are some of the things we learned.

First, let’s say thank you to Mr. Jeff Lang who is a Wildlife Technician with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  He taught us all kinds of things about turtles we can see in Marquette County.








We learned about the turtles we can find in Marquette County.  How many will you see this summer?   Keep your eyes pealed for these beautiful creatures.








Remind people to be kind to turtles.  DON’T EVER RUN INTO THE ROAD TO HELP ONE, but if you can, have an adult help you move a turtle to the side of the road that it is facing.  Most turtles you see on the roads  are trying to find a place to lay their eggs.








Did you receive your postcard in the mail?  We hope so.  Betty, Blanche and Beulah and I can’t wait to see our first Gray Tree Frog this spring.  Isn’t it wonderful that they can change color?  Sometimes they are gray, sometimes they are green, sometimes they are brown.  What a great amphibian we have right here in Marquette County.  You don’t have to go far to find wonderful wildlife right here in our home.





Did you quiz your mom and dad or others about turtles?






We hope you had fun on our turtle and reptile adventure.






Here’s a marvelous Snapping Turtle we saw last summer in Marquette County.  How special!







Russian Tortoise eating     

See if the link above takes you to a movie with one of my Russian Tortoises eating a red pepper.

Thanks for being such good students and so nice to Betty, Blanche and Beulah.  We will see you soon for another adventure.




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