Reptiles coming Friday!

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Reptiles coming Friday!

Betty, Blanche and Beulah and I love reptiles of all sorts, especially TURTLES.  We’ll learn about Wisconsin and Marquette County reptiles this Friday.  We’ll also have some special guests.  First, Mr. Jeff Lang will be with us. He works with the Department of Natural Resources.

Jeff Lang, Wildlife Technician with the Department of Natural Resources. That’ a snake skin he’s holding.











You’ll also meet Nattie and maybe Svettie, two of my rescued Russian Tortoises who’ll help teach you about turtles.

Nattie eating a strawberry.  










And Betty will come with a turtle costume.

Betty wasn’t sure about her turtle costume. 









Something that is very important, is that you bring your ADDRESS.  You’ll get a postcard that you will address to yourself and I’ll mail so you get it at home and then can show it to your family.  It’s good to be able to write your address.


See you Friday to learn about reptiles, especially TURTLES!


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  1. We are looking forward to it!

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