Thanks for being citizen paleontologists

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Thanks for being citizen paleontologists

We had a great time in your classroom last week and look forward to being with you again soon.   Remember what you learned?































We preserved and labeled our crinoid fossil.









Karen helped you identify fossils and you chose one to sketch in your journal.  Some of the fossils were from right here in Marquette County including coral that once lived on the bottom of the sea that covered what we know as Marquette County.







Daryl helped you sort and match fossils to their ID.  Then you sketched more fossils in your journal.  There were even shark teeth fossils.








We took our crinoid home to show our families.






Betty and Beulah had fun with you last week.  Maybe Blanche will come next time, too!

The world has so much fun stuff in it and we have so many wonderful things in Marquette County!

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