Welcome to Betty, Blanche and Beulah Love Marquette County 2017/18!

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Welcome to Betty, Blanche and Beulah Love Marquette County 2017/18!

Hello from Betty, Blanche and Beulah, the Therapy Dogs who LOVE Marquette County.

This program used to be called Howard and Betty LOVE Marquette County. But Howard died.  He was much loved.

Howard would be happy to know that Betty, Blanche and Beulah have taken over the program for Forest Lane 4th graders.

Our goal this year in the Betty, Blanche and Beulah LOVE Marquette County program is to learn about lots of COOL THINGS about our home of Marquette County.  These are some of the things we will do:


We’ll go to Pioneer Day in Westfield.  Find Westfield on your map.

We’ll go back to Westfield in October and tour the Marquette County Historical Society.  We’ll see a one room school, a Victorian house and many artifacts from the early settlers of Marquette County.

Blanche, Buelah and Betty came along to help us learn about the courthouse.


We’ll have a big day when we learn about the courthouse, law enforcement and records of Marquette County.

The Montello quarry produced the hardest granite in the world.

We’ll go to the Montello Historic Preservation Society and learn about the history of Montello including the granite quarry.


And we’ll learn about JOHN MUIR, the Father of our National Parks who grew up right here in Marquette County.  We’ll visit the John Muir Neighborhood.

Get ready to learn many wonderful things about YOUR HOME of MARQUETTE COUNTY

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