It’s Here! Our Howard and Betty Adventures Begin!!!

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It’s Here!  Our Howard and Betty Adventures Begin!!!
Betty and Blanche will see you on Thursday!

Betty and Blanche will see you on Thursday!

We’ll be doing all sorts of things when you first meet Betty and Blanche this Thursday.   First, you’ll get introduced to the Puggleloonies.   They are puggles, part pug and part beagle, but I call them puggleloonies because they are just goofy dogs.

Next, we’ll learn how to read a map and find our way around YOUR HOME Marquette County.  You’ll get your own map to keep.

Third, we’ll learn the words of the Marquette County Township Song, a song children used to sing in one room school houses.

Fourth, we’ll learn about keeping our own MARQUETTE COUNTY JOURNAL OF DISCOVERY and you’ll draw a picture on your collection envelope.  It’s the envelope you will keep all year long to collect the stories, poems, and essays you write about your adventures that you’ll then make into a book.

Fifth, we’ll learn how to write a fiction story and you’ll be able to then write one about Betty and Blanche.

Sixth, you’ll get your own Howard and Betty Love Marquette County book that you can keep and color in over the year.


Don’t worry, you’ll also meet Reginald and Beulah soon, but they still have to take their test for Therapy Dog.


See you on Thursday!!!!!       Kathleen


this is Beulah

this is Beulah



  1. This looks like a great program! I wish we were closer. Are you working with classes within the school?

  2. Yes, Angie. I work with Montello 4th graders.

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