Bees, bees, bees

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Bees, bees, bees

This afternoon Mr. Moxley will be in the classroom to teach you about bees.  He may not be able to bring any live bees, unfortunately, because of the cold weather we have been having.  But it will be fun to learn about bees!!!    Think about what you are going to learn this afternoon and what you have already learned about bees.

1.  Why are bees important to us?

2.  What are bees and other bugs called that pollinate plants?   P___________s

3.  Why are bees and other bugs declining in numbers?  Think of at least two reasons.


Here are some things you can do to help bees and other bugs we need.

1. Be kind to your pollinator friends. Pollinators like

bugs and birds are small and fragile. It’s easy for people to

hurt them. Be gentle and quiet when they are near!

2. Look, but don’t touch! When you see a butterfly, bee,

beetle, or hummingbird outside, look, but don’t touch!

Pollinators won’t hurt you if you leave them alone and are

nice to them.

3. Don’t use poison sprays. Bug your family to stop using

poison sprays in your house and garden. This poison kills

bad bugs, but it hurts pollinators too. Bug your family to

buy ORGANIC fruit and vegetables. These are grown without

poison sprays, so they keep pollinators safe and happy.

4. Keep pollinators’ homes safe. And help make habitat

for pollinators. Take care of a garden. Plant some flowers.

When you find a bug in your house, gently take it outside to

its natural habitat.

5. Bug someone! Bugs and pollinators are fun and interesting.

Teach your family and friends about these important

animals. Teach them to say “Thanks Bugs!” You can “bee”

an expert!


Betty is ready to be a bee today.

Betty is ready to be a bee today.

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