Recipe for Community

Recipe for Community - a new book written by Kathleen McGwinThe growing, harvesting, and processing of food has been a catalyst for community in Marquette County for generations. Recipe for Community is about the story of building community around food and how changes in technology, knowledge, and industry have influenced how people gather together in this rural community. Written with the support of the Wisconsin Humanities Council, this book tells stories from yesterday and today, all with food as their centerpiece.

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Etched in Stone

Etched in Stone - history of the Montello granite quarryAt last, Etched in Stone details the history of the Montello granite quarry captured in a fascinating book filled with little known information about the quarrying of this “hardest granite in the world.”  All sales of this book go to the Montello Historic Preservation Society.  Loaded with photos, the book traces the very beginnings of the granite quarry starting with a look at the first industries and businesses in the new settlement of Montello.

Etched in Stone is $20.  Shipping flat rate add $5.60Contact Kathleen McGwin to purchase the book.

Muir is Still Here

Muir is Still Here book coverIt’s here, the second edition of Muir is Still Here with over 70 added pages of history and information about John Muir in Marquette County. If you love history and love the story of the great naturalist John Muir, you’ll find this a fascinating read. Trace his footsteps and learn about his neighborhood where he fell in love with the little kettle lake rimmed with water lilies. Muir loved the lake so much, he three times tried to purchase the land to preserve its flowers and plants. It foreshadowed his passionate work to preserve what have become our National Parks.

Muir is Still Here second edition is $25.  Add $5.60 flat rate shipping. Contact Kathleen to purchase the book.